Love Wins!

On the credenza in my office there is a small Altoids mint box. It was a gift given to me from a camp staffer at the end of the camp season 23 years ago. It has been in every office I have occupied since. And before you think, “Man, those must be some stale mints!,” … More Love Wins!

Entering a Season of Discernment

“Discern is a stately word for a stately spiritual process. There is a gravitas to the word discern that decide just does not have. We can make quick decisions, but true discernment takes longer, goes deeper, and can have more serious consequences. Discernment demands a careful eye, not only on the object or opportunity before us, but even more importantly, … More Entering a Season of Discernment

Taking a Stand

When ECMN was discerning the 9th Bishop of Minnesota, it was clear there was a strong desire to reclaim our deep missional roots. Breck, Whipple, Enmegahbowh, Sister Annette, and others were the early exemplars of those using their gifts – and inviting others to do likewise – to join in God’s mission of bringing forth … More Taking a Stand