Power of Love

“If humanity ever harnesses the energy of fire again, if humanity ever captures the energy of love, it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin As millions from around the globe gathered to witness a royal couple proclaim their love for each other, the preacher at … More Power of Love

The Royal Wedding Meets the Jesus Movement

Archbishop Welby tweeted the following, “I’m thrilled that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have asked Bishop Michael Curry to preach at their wedding. @PB_Curry is a brilliant pastor, stunning preacher and someone with a great gift for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.” Obviously it is a great honor for our Presiding Bishop to preach … More The Royal Wedding Meets the Jesus Movement

Small and Vital

Every spring across the wonderful state of Minnesota, Episcopalians gather for Mission Area Gatherings (MAGs). This is a wonderful time for the faith communities in every Mission Area to gather for fellowship, worship, learning, resource sharing and networking. This year, thus far, the MAGs have been outstanding. Our faith communities in the metro are awesome! … More Small and Vital