Good beginnings, good endings, good beginnings.

COMMENCEMENT: 1: an act, instance, or time of commencing 2a: the ceremonies or the day for conferring degrees or diplomas 2b: the period of activities at this time Synonyms: alpha, baseline, birth, beginning, dawn, day one, genesis, get-go (also git-go), inception, incipience, incipiency, kickoff, launch, morning, nascence, nascency, onset, outset, start, threshold Antonyms: close, conclusion, … More Good beginnings, good endings, good beginnings.

One of the great gifts Staci and I received when we moved to Minnesota was the offer from a faithful Episcopalian at St. Stephen’s, who is an attorney, to update our will. During this significant transition for our entire family, it was a great opportunity for us to take stock of not only our present … More