Annual Reflection

First things first. I want to begin by giving thanks for the ministry of Doug Sparks. Doug currently serves as Rector at St. Luke’s Rochester and as Treasurer for ECMN, and he is also a Whipple Cross recipient. As you are hopefully all aware, Doug was elected this past weekend as the eighth Bishop of the … More Annual Reflection

Using Gifts for Ministry in Leadership Roles

One of the great blessings and privileges of serving as the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota is being able to spend time with a number of individuals who are using their gifts for ministry in leadership roles. To begin, ECMN has an incredible cadre of very competent clergy. I have been fortunate to serve … More Using Gifts for Ministry in Leadership Roles

At the 5-Year Mark

It’s hard to describe until you are in that moment. The wind is in your face, your favorite song is playing on your iPod, and your body is in perpetual motion. There is an abundant feeling of synchronicity…rhythm. Heading down a ski slope, riding my bike on a favorite trail, weaving back and forth across … More At the 5-Year Mark