Culture, Creation & Reconciliation

Self-sufficiency, hard work, care and provision for the family, family relations, unity, humor, honesty, fairness, love for children, sharing, caring, village cooperation, responsibility to village, respect for Elders and others, respect for knowledge, wisdom from experiences, respect for the land, respect for nature, practice of traditions, honor ancestors, spirituality: courtesy of the Denakkanaaga Elders – … More Culture, Creation & Reconciliation

The Dream of the Beloved Community

Thank you ECMN for a fabulous 160th Convention! We were led by our preacher and facilitator Heidi Kim, Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation for The Episcopal Church. We were inspired by our youth speaker, Luisa Van Oss from St. Paul’s in Duluth. We were resourced by the our Team of Missioners. We were graciously hosted by the Northeast Mission … More The Dream of the Beloved Community