An Invitation

We keep waiting for God to initiate… All the while God keeps inviting us to collaborate… Engaging God’s mission of the Beloved Community! In early November while on retreat with John Dominic Crossan, he said something that sparked those three statements for me. I think of how often I have prayerfully waited for God to “initiate” only … More An Invitation

New Spaces

There’s something about “new” that most people find satisfying. Even if it is only “new to you” there’s something that brings a sense of enthusiasm. Sometimes it isn’t material goods, but going to a new restaurant, theater, or hiking trail that can generate just as much excitement. And often, the anticipation of something new coming … More New Spaces

At the Table

If I close my eyes and let myself ‘go there,’ all of my senses come vibrantly alive. The scene is warm and inviting.  The smell is delightful. And my heart is filled with joy and gratitude. I am thankful, for this, in my mind’s eye, is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving has always been a blessing for me. Family, … More At the Table