Time Is On Our Side!

“The clock chimes, the watches beep, time tick-tocks along, and the light spreads a little bit more with every passing moment. The eyes are wide with anticipation, no moves to open the door just yet, for the storm continues to be frighteningly chaotic. But the eyes are glued to that light, that first shining, glittering, …

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What Gifts Did You Get?!

As she opened the wad of wrapping paper that her son with his small hands did his best to tape together, the young lad’s entire body was squirming with anticipation. Those small hands over a number of weeks during art class had formed, shaped, painted and glazed the great surprise that was taking his mom …

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The Deep Dwelling of Joy

The moment was overwhelmingly surreal as all of my senses were in complete overdrive. And then as if someone threw a glass of ice cold water on my face I became laser fixated on the whaling sound that was now the totality of my reality. Moving swiftly in the direction of that which the high …

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