Liminality – Embracing the Space In Between

“In anthropology, liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold”) is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rites…During a rite’s liminal stage, participants “stand at the threshold” between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which completing the rite establishes…During …

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As I drove slowly up the road devastation surrounded me on all sides. The landscape in every direction was blackened and the air was filled with the pungent smell of smoke. The quite familiar real estate now looked nothing like it had just 24 hours before. It was eerily quiet with no sign of life. …

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Staying at the Table

He stomped out and slammed the door, and those left in the room sat in silence. The discussion had been intense, but civil. The conversation, however, was clearly moving in the opposite direction of the angry – now absent – colleague. As the facilitator, I held the silence for a couple of minutes before asking, …

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