The large round table had a circle of a dozen or so young people and two or three adults all engaged in discussing and discerning what the theme for an upcoming youth gathering might be. One of the youth offered, “Listen to this song:” “Tell me liesTell me sweet little liesTell me lies, tell me, …

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“Before the start of summer every year, under my grandfather’s guide, I would clean, grease, and check over the whole machine to make sure it would run smoothly for the upcoming hay season. I learned to observe multiple moving parts in this old machine, such as the timing of the metal arm which was responsible …

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Time Is On Our Side!

“The clock chimes, the watches beep, time tick-tocks along, and the light spreads a little bit more with every passing moment. The eyes are wide with anticipation, no moves to open the door just yet, for the storm continues to be frighteningly chaotic. But the eyes are glued to that light, that first shining, glittering, …

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