Everywhere and All Around Us

There was a heavy mist in the air, its dampness was cold upon my cheeks…the only skin that was exposed. Everything in me wanted to stay in the warm cocoon of my bed, yet that little voice in my head whispered, “In the end you’ll be glad.” In the deep chill of this moment the internal debate about the wisdom of this early morning bike ride was at a fever pitch!

Pumping the pedals hard now, lungs fully extended, heart beating rapidly as I pull myself closer and closer to the crest of the hill I have become mentally lost in the physical exertion. I am warm now and the moisture on my body is now more sweat than mist as I finally arrive at the summit. Endorphins are coursing through my body and I am filled with a deep sense of satisfaction when all of a sudden I become aware of the immense beauty in front of me.

The vista is sparkling with the sun rising over the distant mountains, the landscape below is lush and the flora and fauna are ablaze with every color in the rainbow. Exhaustion is quickly replaced with exhilaration for the boundless beauty of new life before me. It’s akin to a big multi-colored ball pit and like an exuberant kid I just want to jump right in middle of it! 

Our lives with great reason often feel like a dark cold place, and even if we can see a way out, it seems like an insurmountable climb. And yet, what the Creator consistently manifests is, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (JN 1:5). Spring will come, sprouting new life even from the longest and harshest winters. “God’s one and only job description is to turn death into life. That’s what God does with every new springtime, every new life, every new season, every new anything.” —Richard Rohr

The invitation for us is to hold fast to the faith that is grounded in, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never end” (1Cor 13:7). Light not darkness, Life not death, Love not fear is where faith and hope reside. 

“Where is this risen Christ? Everywhere and all around us—in you, your neighbor, the dogwood tree outside, the budding grape vine, the ants popping up through the cracks. We are Easter people, and we are called to celebrate the whole earth as the body of Christ.”

—Ilia Delio

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