The View From The Balcony😎

As the facilitator of the conversation I felt like I was being pulled by an excitable puppy on a leash. It was instead a group of leaders continuing to go down multiple rabbit holes. And the conversation was absolutely going down a rabbit hole.

How often do you find yourself deep in a quagmire around some particular issue – so much so that it’s hard to see daylight?

It is understandable considering that the world around us often feels like it’s filled with significant darkness: war, pandemic, challenging economy, divisive politics.

Not only is it hard to have enough light to get a clear picture, it can also feel incredibly suffocating.

My close colleagues often hear me say, “Let’s get up to the balcony where we can get a better view of what’s happening around us.”

While many this weekend will be enjoying a chocolate Easter bunny, going down a rabbit hole is neither healthy nor helpful.

What this weekend is really about is the eternal movement from darkness to new light…from those things that are leading to a dead end or death to new light and new life.

With each day bringing us more and more light, with the new life of spring budding and blooming, the invitation for all of us is to come out of the rabbit holes, the tombs, the darkness…to the light, to the balcony, to the place where we can see the dawning of the new life that is beckoning us forward into hope and possibility.

4 thoughts on “The View From The Balcony😎”

  1. I love this! After 30 years in leadership at Boeing and several leadership positions in non profits after retirement, my most used line was “Pull up!” Staying focused on the big picture, the vision is paramount, especially these days. What is our path and our purpose and are we on that path? Stay out of the weeds…you will get stuck there. Thank you for your leadership, Brian!!!❤

  2. Katherine Whelchel

    As any pilot will tel you, “It’s always VFR (Visual Flight Rules) on top!” When I flew with my husband, it was always inspiring and reassuring to pull up above the clouds and see our route ahead in the clear, brilliant sunshine.

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