“I don’t play a musical instrument or paint or as my mom always said ‘do anything creative like my sister’. I was the studious child.”

As I listened to this friend tell her story I kept wondering what definition of creative her mother was using. Honestly, I think all creatures are inherently creative. Each of us were created to be creative in our own unique way. I am deeply inspired by the ways we express our creativity through designing, decision-making, building and problem-solving.

I am fortunate to work with a number of innovators and entrepreneurs. These are folks who embody the Innovative Loop: imagine – implement – reimagine. One of the biggest challenges is the inevitable shift from creating to managing. The departure from the creative process can feel as though an essential spark has been lost. In my experience, once we have embraced the creative spirit that resides in each of us, we yearn to keep creating.

A number of years ago theologian Matthew Fox introduced me to the concept that we are all co-creators with the divine. He writes, “Creativity is seen as a spiritual, inwardly-driven activity, directly influenced by a Higher Power, or God. That is the ultimate in inspiration for me: to know I have “permission” to be creative and to be a creator too.”

The manifestation of our creativity knows no bounds. It is expressed in the arts like painting, music and dance. It is also expressed when we bake a cake, build a house, or mow a lawn. Being uniquely created in the image of God and being uniquely gifted by God is our invitation to fully embrace our call to be co-creators with The Creator and others. I know for me, the spaces and times I feel the closest to God are when the Spirit of creativity is set free in mind, body, and soul.

This prayer from Andrew Greeley expresses the boundless capacity for our creativity, “May your work bring order where there was chaos, wisdom where there was ignorance, brightness where there was obscurity, purpose where there was confusion, warmth where there was harshness, laughter where there was pain, challenge where there was boredom, and God’s holy peace where there was hate. May you create in the name of God who creates, be wise in the name of God’s revealing word and loving in the cause of God’s spirit who serves.” Amen

4 thoughts on “Co-Creators!”

  1. Sometimes in our family, we will ask one another “What did you create today?” (in addition to the “what are you grateful for, or what did you learn, etc”) but I particularly like the discussion around what was created as it brings out some really personal insights for each of us! Thanks for the article.

  2. Tamara Cotten

    Lovely! And I absolutely agree with you! Thank you for expressing it so beautifully! Blessings to you, and your creativity!

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