As you undoubtedly know, this last week we passed the one year mark from when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. In light of this milestone here, in no particular order, are 10 of my learnings:

• There is generally good historic data about pandemics – AND – there is nothing that is completely predictable about communicable diseases.

• We have made huge technological advancements in the ways that we humans connect – AND – there is an energy that is conveyed through facial expressions and body language that only happens in person.

• There is nothing like the comfort of the place you know as home – AND – there are thousands of other spaces in the world that provide experiences you can’t fully replicate at home: movie theaters, restaurants, live music, etc.

• Science classes taught us the core principles of critical thinking: observation, documentation, experimentation, analysis – AND- some people forgot what they learned in science class.

• There are incredible humans, such as health care workers and those called to protect and serve, making huge sacrifices for other humans every day – AND – there are other humans who appear to put their own self interest above others.

• The U.S. has significant capacity to provide assistance to its people – AND – there is huge inequity at nearly every level for many people to get the assistance they need.

• The teaching profession is filled with incredibly creative, committed people – AND – very few of us have had great success with homeschooling our kids.

• The Church is not a building – AND – people of faith can only be fed so much through a computer screen.

• In the face of challenging circumstances humans have a huge capacity to pivot, adapt, and be creative – AND – some folks appear to prefer to complain and blame.

• This time and experience, like all others will pass – AND – through moments of great triumph and deep loss all of us have been transformed in one way or another.

From the wisdom of the Christian tradition, this last year has been in many respects one long Good Friday – AND – the darkness will not overcome the light…Easter is coming!

5 thoughts on “And…”

  1. Lynette VanDeSteeg

    Thank you!
    AND… I ran across some things that positive people don’t do.
    They don’t waste time feeling worry for themselves.
    They don’t think the world owes them anything.
    They don’t focus on things they can’t control.
    They don’t expect immediate results.
    They don’t fear alone time.
    God Bless us, everyone.

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