Easter People

It’s finally here—the day that all have waited for in great anticipation!
The days leading up to it were long and involved.
The preparation for this day took patience and perseverance.
And today, more people than usual showed up.
The music began with the usual triumphant tones, leading to the great proclamation of the day, “Alleluia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!”
And then in the corner of your field of vision, some writing appears, and in a flash, you are faced with the reality that your experience of this day is – virtual!
“It’s Easter anyway!” proclaimed our Presiding Bishop on Easter morning.
While all of us experienced an Easter like never before, it was still Easter. Whether we are in our beloved buildings surrounded by our beloved faith community, or whether we are gathering virtually, Easter showed up as Easter always does.
Hail ye Festival Day, with your beautiful floral arrangements, your spring apparel and egg hunts, and the many other corporate and individual traditions that have become the well-loved containers for our Easter experience.
Yet, what we learned last week is that this container is not, in fact, Easter.
Easter is our bold proclamation that Christ is risen! That we show up—whether that be online or in a small gathering of family in our home—and we unabashedly proclaim that life has overcome death, and that the Way of Love cannot be overwhelmed, vanquished or deterred. That is Easter!
Every time and every place we show up and we manifest the Light of Christ through following the Way of Jesus in the Way of Love, we proclaim that we are Easter people.
Friends, thank you for showing up. Thank you for showing up online. Thank you for showing up in your homes. Thank you showing up through a text, a phone call, or through social media for your family, friends, and neighbors in these challenging times. Our showing up is our boldest proclamation that Alleulia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!

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  1. Kathie Whelchel

    As one church here in Coon Rapids put on their billboard “Our church is empty abd so is Jesus’ tomb. He is risen!! Alleluia!”

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