Using Our Gifts

As I pulled into the parking lot of the church, I was greeted by waves from the folks working outside on the building and grounds.

Exiting my car, and after a few quick conversations with those working on the building, I entered the church to find just as much activity: acolyte training, altar guild prep, choir rehearsal, and even two individuals waxing the floor.

Moving from group to group, I expressed my appreciation for their willingness to use their gifts for ministry.

After all these interactions, and picking up what I needed, I jumped back into my car and set off for my next stop.

As I pulled up to my next stop, I saw a huge crowd of people setting out coats, boots, backpacks and school supplies to be distributed later in the day. This was our church’s time slot for the school supply distribution, and honestly I thought that we would only have a few folks show up. Yet what I was seeing was more like a small army! I walked up to those gathered, asked for their attention, and then expressed my deep gratitude for their willingness to use their gifts for ministry.  And then I rolled up my sleeves and began sorting coats.

One of the greatest blessings of serving in and being part of a faith community is witnessing the giving spirit of those who call that faith community home. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people are, how willing they are to roll up their sleeves and use their gifts on both sides of our “red doors.” Day in and day out, there are hundreds of thousands of Episcopalians who are offering their time, talent and treasure as they follow the Way of Jesus – the Way of Love to bring forth the Beloved Community!

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