Season of Creation

The Season of Creation, which runs from September 1st (the Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation) until October 4th (St. Francis of Assisi Day) is an opportunity for Christian churches from around the world to “pray and celebrate with creation, focus on the story of Earth, and commit to a ministry of healing Earth. [. . . ] Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation. Some of us pray, some of us do hands-on projects, some of us advocate.” —Anglican Communion Environment Network
One of the greatest blessings of serving as the Bishop of Minnesota is the opportunity to experience the diversity of God’s creation throughout the state.
Last week alone I visited White Earth one day, the Episcopal House of Prayer the next, and on the following day, found myself in Faribault. Being present with the Beloved Community in each one of these places is a blessing, and the drive to and from each place is its own blessing. There are incredible fields and forests, lakes and rivers—our Creator’s majesty is everywhere. I understand that some of us could use a little less snow and cold, and others of us would prefer a little less heat and humidity, yet amidst it all, there is beauty in God’s creation.
On March 29th of this year, our Presiding Bishop invited the Episcopal Church to live in a way that’s loving, liberating, and life-giving. He put it this way:
“We long to grow loving, liberating, and life-giving relationship with God’s Creation. In this urgent moment, we pledge to protect and renew this good Earth and all who call it home. Together, we commit to specific actions, trusting we can do more as a body than any person could alone.
LOVING: We will share our stories of love and concern for the Earth and link with others who care about protecting the sacred web of life.
LIBERATING: We will stand with those most vulnerable to the harmful effects of environmental degradation and climate change – women, children, poor people and communities of color, refugees, migrants.
LIFE-GIVING: We will change our habits and choices in order to live more simply, humbly, and gently on the Earth.”
My hope for all of us in ECMN during this Season of Creation is that we will make daily choices to be good stewards of the immense blessing of God’s creation that surrounds us and pledge to be a part of healing Earth.
Creator of Life,
the earth is full of your creatures,
and by your wisdom you made them all.
At your Word, the earth brought forth plants yielding seed of every kind
and trees of every kind bearing fruit,
the waters teemed with swarms of living creatures of every kind,
and world was filled with every kind of winged bird,
walking animal, and creatures that creep upon the ground.
Mountains, plains, rocks, and rivers
shelter diverse communities,
and through the changing seasons
your Spirit renews cycles of life.
During this Season of Creation,
open our eyes to see the precious diversity that is all around us.
Enlighten our minds to appreciate the delicate balance
maintained by each creature
and inspire us to conserve the precious habitats
that nurture this web of life.
In the name of the One who came to proclaim
good news to all creation,
your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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