What We Need is Here

Scene I:

Clergy from across ECMN gathered last week for a time of worship, learning, pondering and playing. Picture a Spirit-filled time led by Bishop Rob Wright of Atlanta and musician Ana Hernadez. Thematically, our focus was a deep dive into greater understanding of the Beloved Community. What in fact happened, was that our clergy were able to live into being the Beloved Community. Through the reflection and sharing of our own deep sense of call and a desire to share that with others, it brought a palpable experience of connectivity.

What we need is here!

Scene II:

It was a beautiful morning this past Saturday and the ECMN Offices were hopping. Sammy’s Cafe was packed, there was a vestry retreat taking place and deacons from across ECMN were gathering for a day of learning and fellowship. Our ECMN deacons continue to grow in both numbers and community. Faith communities across the state are significantly blessed by the ministry of the diaconate. Our deacons are central to building the bridge between our faith communities and our neighborhoods; and subsequently are central in our participation in becoming the Beloved Community.

What we need is here!

Scene III:

A couple of hours later I arrived at an ice cream shop where a whole herd of middle school aged youth gathered for a fun excursion from their Pre-TEC retreat. Their energy was absolutely infectious! On the journey back to the church, a number of the youth enthusiastically shared with me their activity of painting positive messages on stones and then leaving them out and about in the community for others to discover. These are our youth, on the front line of bringing forth the Beloved Community.

What we need is here! 

Scene IV:

Late afternoon on this beautiful Saturday, I was blessed to be outside with a number of Missioners welcoming folks to the Central Metro Mission Area Gathering. There was a good spirit in the air as the group gathered with good food and beverages and a creative activity to share their knowledge about ECMN and the greater Church. It was also a wonderful opportunity for individual faith communities to share how they are working on participating in the Beloved Community, as well as ways they engage in greater collaboration.

What we need is here!

Scene V:

After a full and celebratory Sunday at St. Mark’s Cathedral, faith communities from across ECMN gathered for Confirmation – Reception – Reaffirmation. Over 80 of God’s children stood up to say YES to their faith. Youth and adults alike made a clear commitment to wanting to follow Jesus out into their neighborhoods to use their gifts to bring forth the Beloved Community.

What we need is here!

What We Need is Here is, as Ana Hernandez describes in her blog, “the most perfect simple song I know.” Ana goes on to explain, “Written by Amy McCreath, What We Need Is Here sprang from her reading the poetry of Wendell Berry,” especially the poem, The Wild Geese. Here is a part of the poem:

“Abandon, as in love or sleep, holds them to their way, clear, in the ancient faith: what we need is here. And we pray, not for new earth or heaven, but to be quiet in heart, and in eye clear. What we need is here.”

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