Looking for Life

Okay, let’s admit it, even the heartiest-snow-loving-Minnesotan is a little tired of this endless winter. Spring has sprung, the Lord has risen!  Did our Creator God miss the memo?!

Like many, because of the lack of usual signs of spring, I too have been desperately seeking signs of new life. No early flowers, no early garden prep, no long bike rides on a dry pathway. And, on further reflection, that is my challenge. I am looking in the usual and familiar places for signs of new life, when perhaps I’m being invited to seek the possibility of new life in ALL experiences and encounters.

To really see new life, the fact is, you have to develop an open posture. Open to this newness happening in new and different ways. Open to it happening in places, people, situations and circumstances where you would never expect to encounter new life.

Many of those who first encountered the Risen Jesus were initially unaware that it was Jesus. Understandably, everyone thought that Jesus was dead, so to meet Jesus face to face went beyond both experience and expectation. Yet it is also clear that, even with all that Jesus had done and taught, there was a reluctance to the possibility- the possibility of new life.

And then, once the early faithful followers began to open themselves to the possibility, they began to recognize the Resurrected Jesus. And that is now our Easter journey. Where is new life springing forth?  Are we only looking for new life in our usual recognizable experiences? Or are we opening ourselves to the endless possibility to encounter new life – the Risen Christ in our midst?

My prayer for all of us this Easter season is that we will not only open ourselves, but seek out the new life which is ours. Alleluia. Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

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