When is it enough?

She was completely exasperated. Children, spouse, work, all had significant needs and expectations.  And she felt that she was missing the mark with all of them. Her word was “enough.” She was not providing enough focused attention to her children, spending enough time with her spouse, and there was never enough time to get her work done.

We live in a world that places a high value on excelling. Most of the people I come into contact with have even higher standards and aspirations for themselves. In my experience there is this voice that says, “You’re not doing enough!”

I wonder what enough looks like. Maybe more importantly, I wonder who gets to determine what enough is. I wonder if the real question at its core might not be about doing but rather about being; as in, am I enough?

For me what enough looks like is living into the fullness of who God uniquely created and gifted us to be. As such, the one who determines ‘enough’ is the One who created us and knows us as beloved. In my experience, when we choose to use this as our lens of enough, then at the very core of our being it becomes clear that as a uniquely created, gifted, beloved child of God, who we are is more and abundantly enough.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and others reminding each other that as children of God we – and they – are enough.

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  1. Shelley Gilchrist

    Thank you Bishop; what a relief and important reminder that we are enough. I am a MN native, but have been living in Fl. for 5 years. Believe it or not, weather and all, I am considering moving back “Up North”. So enjoy your blogs

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