Holy Week

“When the storm blows over and you’re digging out,

pick carefully among the remains,

untangled within, now the journey begins,

calling you to start,

from a place of the heart…

Calling you to take what’s inside,

carrying it outside the circle of love,

Calling you to take what’s inside,

outside the circle of love.”

The Holy Week journey invites us to lean into the last days of Jesus. We do so by leaning deeply into our own faith journey.  Where has our life turned quickly from triumph to tragedy? Where have we been betrayed and whom have we betrayed?  When were our darkest hours – when we were mocked, humiliated, scorned – and when have we done the same to another? When have we felt completely abandoned – and when have we abandoned another?

This is the storm of Holy Week. When we begin to dig out, it will be important for us to do so carefully, for this will be the place our journey to new life begins. And it all starts from the heart, calling you to take what’s inside and carry it outside the circle of love.

Friends, let us all lean in deeply this Holy Week. Let us ‘stay awake’ with Jesus as we walk his last days. For in doing so, the new life that comes forth will be life abundant.

(With deep gratitude to my long time soul brother Fran McKendree for the words from Circle of Love, a song inspired by an incredible life-giving transformational moment we were blessed to share.)

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