Building Racial Reconciliation Together

For the last several months I have been blessed to work with an incredibly talented group of individuals preparing for the work of racial reconciliation within the context of the House of Bishops. My colleagues in this work have been three members of the Presiding Bishop’s staff: Stephanie Spellers, who is  the Canon for Evangelism and Racial Reconciliation (and you may remember was our preacher for the 2010 ECMN Convention), Heidi Kim who serves as the staff officer for Racial Reconciliation and Charles Wynder who is the staff officer for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement.

We were very fortunate to collaborate with an incredible organization, Visions Inc., who’s vision is to “be a catalyst for a more equitable world where differences are valued and used for the benefit of all.”  The mission of their work is:

  • To equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the tools needed to thrive in a diverse world
  • To remove structural and cultural barriers that prevent full and equitable participation
  • To help create environments where differences are recognized, understood, appreciated, and utilized for the benefit of all

The goals of our time together at the House of Bishops were to:

  • Build a case for engaging in racial justice and reconciliation as a Church and as a part of the Jesus Movement
  • Establish a  common language for discussing racial justice and reconciliation, especially as a part of spiritual formation
  • Deepen investments we’ve already made
  • Grow trust, vulnerability and community via storytelling and sacred trust
  • Develop capacity and skill for leading

As you may know, ECMN’s  Mission Opportunity for this year is Engaging God’s Mission of Racial Reconciliation. All of the above is at the heart of what all of us in ECMN have been invited to engage in for our own culture and context. The need for racial reconciliation and justice is important and holy work and I am extremely grateful for all that we have and will continue to do in ECMN and in the larger Church.

Click here to learn more about how you and your faith community can take the next step into racial reconciliation.

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