Breathe in, Breath out

One of my favorite responses to the question of what Lenten practices folks are engaging in is when someone said, “I’m going to work on breathing again.”

It was a light conversation so I made an attempt at a humorous response. Something like, “Good luck with that – but I think breathing just kind of happens.”

She responded with a smile on her face, “You would think so. But I really feel like I need to clear my lungs.”

Sensing a deeper meaning behind her comment I asked, “So, are you feeling much of what you are breathing in these days is pretty toxic?”

This was clearly a moment of Grace, because she stared right back me and said, “That  is exactly right!”

Pausing for a moment, and in a double header of Grace, I remembered a prayer that was shared with me.  I offered, “I have something that was given to me.  It might be helpful.” And here it is:

Breathe in love, life, mercy

Breathe out worry, fear, anxiety

Breathe in peace, joy, hope

Breathe out busyness, selfishness, greed

Breathe in light, Breathe out darkness

Breathe in joy, Breathe out sadness

Breathe in hope, Breathe out despair

Breathe in God’s Light

Breathe in God’s Love

Breathe in God’s Spirit

*(Since it was shared with me I am not certain where this comes from. One person suggested it was the Methodist Covenant Prayer, but it is different than what I know to be that prayer.)

My hope is this prayer will be helpful for you, as it has been for me,  during your Lenten journey.

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