I could hear the thunderous motor long before I could see the rig he was driving. As noise turned into vehicle all I could do was smile. There before my eyes was a not-quite-vintage-certainly-not-classic 32 foot RV. More importantly, what was now parked in my mother-in-law’s driveway was the “means” for the journey.
Like millions before him, the captain of this vessel was on a quest. Not for treasure or the promised land per se, but for adventure and inspiration. Believing like those who had gone before him that setting out on a trek with no particular planned destination would be good for the soul…maybe even transformative.

In some cultures, this journey is expected to be taken solo and is a right of passage at a young age. And yet many of us, in different stages of life, have found leaving our present location and traveling to another to be helpful for gaining a new perspective. Singer, song writer Jimmy Buffett refers to this in his colorful song entitled, “Changes in Latitudes – Changes in Attitudes.”

As people of faith, journey is central to our narrative. Over and over again we hear how God’s people, both individually and as a group, set out sometimes intentionally and sometimes due to force, to a new place. Regardless of the circumstances, each story manifests a greater understanding of self, community and the Holy One.

My hope and prayer for all of us this summer is that we will create space for a journey. The distance, destination or even the duration are not as critical as providing an opportunity for a new perspective. Whether it be in a massive RV or on a bike or a hike around the lake, the means are not important. It is the opening of oneself in a fresh new landscape that provides the space to hear where the Spirit may be leading us next.

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  1. Diane Wallace-Reid

    Thank you for this last statement. My “fresh new landscape” is not a vacation destination but the entry into my 70’s. I am definitely listening to where the spirit will lead me.

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