ECMN is Clearly Alive

Musicians lead worship at ECMN Convention 2015
Musicians lead worship at ECMN Convention 2015

“To be alive is to look up at the stars on a dark night and to feel the beyond-words awe of space in its vastness. To be alive is to look down from a mountaintop on a bright, clear day and to feel the wonder that can only be expressed in “oh” or “wow” or maybe “hallelujah.” To be alive is to look out from the beach toward the horizon at sunrise or sunset and to savor the joy of it all in pregnant, saturated silence. To be alive is to gaze in delight at a single bird, tree, leaf, or friend, and to feel that they whisper of a creator or source we all share.” (From Brian McLaren’s “We Make the Road by Walking”)

To be alive is to have been at the 158th ECMN Convention! What an abundance of passionate, gifted children of God ECMN is blessed to be filled with!

From a Management perspective, ECMN is clearly alive. Thanks to the hard work of so many, we continue to be fiscally responsible and financially solid. Likewise, through the good, supportive work of the Trustees and the Standing Committee, more and more of our faith communities are finding a model of sustainability that works in their context.

From a Ministry perspective, ECMN is alive as well. Thanks to the Commission on Ministry, the Commission on Formation, the Standing Committee, the School for Formation, and to those who walk with others in discernment, incredible opportunities for all the Baptized abound. More and more of the faithful are being equipped for ministry.

From a Mission perspective, ECMN is also clearly alive. Thanks to all those who have invested in the important work of the Missional Assessment Process (MAP), faith communities are discerning their unique gifts and then using them to meet the needs of their neighborhoods. This often takes place through Missional Innovative Partnerships (MIPs) and Mission Opportunity.

“If you ask what language the Creator speaks, the best answer is this: God’s first language is full-spectrum light, clear water, deep sky, red squirrel, blue whale, gray parrot, green lizard, golden aspen, orange mango, yellow warbler, laughing child, rolling river, serene forest, churning storm, spinning planet.” (From Brian McLaren’s “We Make the Road by Walking”)

What language does the Creator speak in ECMN? Every time I walk into one of our faith communities, I hear that language as I witness the beloved people of God using their gifts to engage God’s mission in their neighborhoods both near and far.

ECMN – alive and well – hallelujah!   

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