Engaging and Inquiring at Episcopal Youth Music Camp

Episcopal Youth Music Camp,  August 3-9, 2015
Episcopal Youth Music Camp 2015

“Hi! Welcome!”

“What’s your favorite camp song?”

“What’s your favorite camp grace?”

“What’s your favorite camp food?”

“What’s your favorite thing to do at camp?”

“Who’s your favorite Bishop?”

Thus was my engagement with every camper who arrived at our Episcopal Youth Music Camp.

It was truly a wonderful way to greet campers that I already knew and to introduce myself to those who I had not yet met. For those who were new to camp, I had a whole other set of questions.

Whether first-time or long-time camper, by the time registration was over, I had not only learned a great deal about what our young folks value about camp, but also about what young people appreciate in general.

Young or old, silly or serious, I believe asking people’s opinions is one of the greatest ways to show respect for one another. The antithesis is to not engage and inquire, and to just assume you already know what is important to someone else. Or worse, to not care what other’s opinions are at all.

I invite you to pay attention to our sacred story when Jesus is interacting with others. Time and time again, Jesus is inquiring, and engaging others in a conversation that unquestionably respects and values the other person.

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