How is it with your Soul?

FullSizeRenderOne of my favorite services is the Renewal of Ordination Vows with your clergy during Holy Week. It is a wonderful time to recommit ourselves to that to which we have been called and to reconnect with colleagues.

My reflection for this year was focused on the question, “How is it with your Soul?” I went on to ponder the idea that as people who are called to shepherd souls, it is critical that we are making sure our own souls are being shepherded. One of the foundational ways for this to take place is to be engaged in spiritual direction. And we are blessed, particularly in the metro area, to have an incredible wealth of spiritual direction options.

I was reminded of this blessing this weekend when I was able to spend some time with Episcopal Spiritual Directors of Minnesota. This is an impressive group of lay and ordained folks who have a wide variety of tenure and yet all have significant wisdom to bring to this journey in soul companionship.

Spiritual direction is, of course, not just for those who are ordained or those in the ‘official’ discernment process. I would suggest that spiritual direction is not only available to, but a wonderful opportunity for, all of us to walk with one another as we deepen our understanding of our own gifts, and how we are being called to use those gifts.

So… how is it with your soul? I encourage you to take a deep look at exploring this question, and perhaps take that additional step to look at the ECMN Spiritual Direction website.

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