To Wake At Last in Heaven’s Light

Easter Sunday St. Mark's
Photo Credit: Betsy Hsiao, St. Mark’s

I love Easter! And I know exactly why. It’s  the celebratory, hopeful feel of those who gather to proclaim, “Alleluia, the Lord is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!”  In fact, I think that is one of the main reasons Easter Sunday is such a big draw. Sure, I understand that there is a lot of family tradition, and nostalgia. However, I think there is something much deeper that beckons folks who come regularly as well as those who come simply on occasion. It is the life-giving message of hope.

Whether it be challenging personal circumstances or just the dark cloud of the feeling of endless depressing weather, a gathering of pastel-bonnet-wearing-Easter-egg-hunting-alleluia-shouting people just has a way of bringing forth a sense of hopefulness!

“Dying, we live, and are reborn through death’s dark night to endless day: Lord, make us servants of your peace, to wake at last in heaven’s light.” These words are from James Quinn’s hymn Lord, Make Us Servants of Your Peace and are based on the prayer attributed to St. Francis. The message captures for me the soulful transition from despair and death to hope and life.

It is abundantly clear that the world is absolutely starving for a sense of hope. Personal tragedies or world crises loom large and often contribute to a feeling that there is no end in sight. That is where we as Easter people come in. That is the call of those who yet again just witnessed the life-giving message of hope and the new life that comes with it in Jesus’ resurrection.

Our family, our friends, our neighbors, the strangers in the checkout line need the Easter hope we have just witnessed. So please do not hesitate, do not delay – begin sharing it today!

Alleluia, Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed, Alleluia!

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