The Importance of Goal Setting

15911379248_6de8a714a1_kI have an app on my iPhone called “Daily Goals”. I have made it a practice around the time of my morning and evening prayers to take a look at my daily goals. Through the years, tying my goals to my prayer life has been extremely beneficial. To put it quite simply, it helps me to consistently remind myself that it’s not about me.

My family, closest friends, and longtime colleagues know that I am a big advocate of setting goals. I have had transformative experiences when a group of folks is moved to an intentionally prayerful process of discerning what God is inviting them to. The energy begins to shift from a cacophony of individual agendas to a unifying harmony of what God is inviting us to.

With this in mind, I share the following prayer (adopted from Liturgy for the Whole Church) which was offered during the Christmas Pageant at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. May it be an inspiring way to begin your own discernment.

“Mighty God, make your Church to be one in sprit and truth, strong with courage, and rich with grace. Help us to tell the Good News of your love in all we say and do, and especially as we reach toward each other.”

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