Looking Ahead to ECMN’s “Homecoming”

Breck's Homecoming King and Queen
Breck’s Homecoming King and Queen

It was absolutely deafening! Screaming, cheering, yelling filling every bit of air space. There is nothing like being in a gymnasium filled with young people at a Homecoming celebration! The energy was absolutely electrifying and the sense of camaraderie was unquestionably palpable.

I always find these types of gatherings not only enjoyable, but life affirming. A group of people with a common passion can not only motivate a team, but can change the world. In fact, that is how real change takes place.

This weekend, the Episcopal Church in Minnesota will be gathering in beautiful Bemidji for our ECMN Convention. In many respects it is our Homecoming. It is often described as a “family reunion” or the Episcopal version of the great Minnesota get together.

While I don’t anticipate ear piercing cheering or great collective chanting, undoubtedly there will be a wonderful sense of camaraderie and an unquestionable passion for being Minnesotan Episcopalians.

 It will, as always, be a blessing to share the time and experience with you!

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