Episcopal House of Prayer

Oratory-aug-13Standing there in silence, my senses were completely heightened. Amidst the sweet aroma of the aged pine, I could hear music that was not playing, prayers that were not being expressed, and great proclamation that was not presently being preached. Yet, it was all there as I stood on the holy ground of this chapel, a place of countless experiences of transformation for me.

We are people of space and place, yet our sacred story is clear; we instinctually know the Holy cannot be contained. Encounters with the Holy happen in our sacred spaces, but also happen in the common place.

One of our sacred spaces is the Episcopal House of Prayer. Nestled into the beauty of the woods at St. John’s Abbey and University, it has been a place where many of us have consistently experienced the Holy One in our midst. Though much of what takes place there is not tied to the space. To that end, the Episcopal House of Prayer board has discerned that the transformational experience that happens there is very portable.

After much discernment, the House of Prayer is reaching out to deepen relationships with faith communities in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, other interested faith communities, and all those who hunger for spiritual transformation.

I am very excited about this outreach initiative. It offers faith communities an opportunity to reach beyond our walls – something I believe is important to our role as missioners – to invite spiritual seekers to join us in new ways.

The mission of the House of Prayer is to support individuals and groups in spiritual transformation through regular contemplative practice, study of wisdom literature, personal prayer, self-examination, and intentional community involvement.

Teams from the House of Prayer are willing to meet with you and help with formation of new contemplative groups in your community. For more information on this outreach project, visit the website at www.ehouseofprayer.org/outreach or email HousePrayer@csbsju.edu or call (320) 363-3293.

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