Spring: A Sign of Hope and New Life

flowerAs I wound my way through my neighborhood on this beautiful 60° sunny day, I was filled with the sense of not only joy, but hope, that the long cold winter that many believed would never end, looked like it was trying to come to a close.

As I walked into my house I could not believe what was sitting on the counter. Did my eyes deceive me? Was it not only yesterday that I was in the deep embrace of winter?  And yet, before me was not only a sign of spring, but even that of summer.

Dutifully carried home by my bride, were the diplomas for the seniors graduating from Breck. They were all awaiting my signature, all symbolizing to me that winter was over and that the long expected spring had arrived!

Based on our life circumstances, we all find ourselves in a dark place from time to time. Our Holy Week journey iconically demonstrates for us that the dark place is also part of the faith journey. And yet, as people of faith, as people following in the way of Jesus, we are called to continuously look for signs of hope and new life. This new life is often manifested in the most ordinary experiences in our day-to-day existence. Sunshine, the first bud on a tree, a call from a long lost friend, and so many other “regular” occurrences are the signs and symbols of the hope we are called to.

One of the most popular quotes by renowned author and poet Maya Angelou is:

“Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.”

During some of the most somber days of our liturgical year, like the darkest days of our own journeys, we have a choice to succumb to the darkness or to live by faith, by inviting hope to occupy our space.

As this Holy Week unfolds, I invite you to not only continuously look for, but invite hope to be centermost in your journey.

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