Each Lenten Traveler


As I stood there on the gate side of the TSA check point at the airport all I could do was smile. Being fortunate to be TSA Pre-Check I was through security in less than 2 minutes. My family on the other hand would be…well, a while longer.

Now you might be asking yourself why I would not be with my family in the security line. I have been traveling for business for over 25 years. I have flown well over a million miles; 90% on my own. To survive that kind of travel you learn lots of tricks, most of which are for efficiency. When you, all of a sudden, have three “tourist travelers” at your side, your whole travel psyche goes a skew.

Part of learning healthy and enjoyable traveling was learning what worked for each member of our family. We love to go on trips together. What has increased the pleasure of our adventures is being sensitive and supportive to different family members’ needs and desires.

As we begin our annual Lenten journey this week, I am acutely sensitive that not only are we all in a different place on our journey, but we also have different ways of traveling. Some of us are more contemplative, some are more liturgical, some prefer something more active and interactive. Yet, the hope is we are all striving to grow more and more into the people God is calling us to be.

Lent is a season of intentionality. It’s a time of intentionally opening ourselves to ways to grow in our faith and intentionally supporting others as they find a path for themselves to do like wise.

May you have a blessed and holy Lenten journey.

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