Continuing to Explore Camp Ministry

When I first became Bishop, one of the conversations that had a fair bit of energy was camping ministry. Listening gatherings were held, an exploratory task force was formed, and lots of good discussion ensued. These discussions were framed with the people, program, and place of camping ministry.

While including Cass Lake Episcopal Camp these conversations are focused on the broader topic of camping ministry (and let me assure you, additional specific Cass Lake conversations are also underway).
ECMN is blessed to have a long history with camping ministry. Over the last decade much of the camping ministry has taken place at our Episcopal Music Camp.  A rich and very popular camping experience which draws a wide range of Minnesotan Episcopalians.

This week I will be attending a gathering of the Episcopal Camp and Conference Centers (ECCC).  This is a group that I have a long history with, and in the last few years has been very helpful as we explore the next generation of camping ministry for ECMN.

The perspective gained from the earlier listening sessions, coupled with the guidance of the ECCC, is providing good insight as the present strategic planning group crafts a strategic vision for the future of camping ministry in ECMN.

Stay tuned!

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  1. We have had an inquiry about Cass Lake Camp wondering if they still have the music camp at this location. The music camp we find on the website is Camp Hearland at Willow River.

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