When the earth tilts

rainy-windshieldIt was a dark and stormy night. I was in a foreign land traversing in an unfamiliar horseless carriage.  My gregarious traveling companions were all kin: a son, a niece, and a nephew.

“There it is up on the left!” belted out my navigating nephew from the backseat as he caught a glimpse of our destination. Through the driving wind and rain I strained to focus on where he pointed.

Suddenly, it was as if the earth had dramatically tilted on its axis, and our world began to spin. Then, just as abruptly, we came to an immediate standstill.

Quickly checking to see the status of my traveling companions, my mind flashed to my insistence that my travel companions buckle up, despite their assertion that it was completely unnecessary. Now, it was truly life-saving.

I disembarked from the remains of what was once was known as my sister-in-law’s Camry, only to find a red Mazda with a rooftop Domino’s sign embracing a light pole.  As I moved closer, I spotted a young man who surreally resembled the young adults who were traveling with me. Synchronized relief spread over both our faces when it was apparent that all of us were none the worse for wear.

I have been driving for over 38 years, for well over a million miles, and this is my first fast-moving accident. Besides a handful of parking lot mishaps, I have been incredibly fortunate not to have a car-totaling experience. Although it’s incredibly unfortunate that it was my much-beloved sister-in-law’s car, I am grateful beyond measure that all humans were unscathed.

I am also grateful that my son, nephew and niece were amazingly poised and mature, and that my quickly-arriving family was unceasingly supportive. I was immediately reminded that nothing surpasses the unconditional love of family.

My early Thanksgiving with my family made it clear to me once again how blessed and grateful I am. May yours (minus the car accident) be as blessed — and you, as thankful.

And in case you were wondering…to make a surreal scene even more so — within two minutes of the accident, a new Domino’s driver showed up to take the pizzas to their destination!

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