Awakening Soul

stairsModern Mind, Ancient Soul: intriguing phrase, wouldn’t you say?

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to take a very deep dive with folks from all over the country on a three-day retreat in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

During our time together, well-known author, teacher, Episcopal Priest and friend Lauren Winner mused with us about the “middle time” of our faith journey. Jerry Wright, ordained Presbyterian minister and Jungian therapist, explored in-depth psychology and our understanding of the soul with us. My responsibility, through prayers and reflections, was to weave the segments of our time together.

Our faith journeys are intertwined through ancestry, history, tradition, ritual and sacred story. We also live in an ever-evolving reality of science, technology and cultural transformation. Embodying and seeking the Holy transcends time and space, situation and circumstance. As followers of Jesus, this is manifested in knowing Christ and making Christ known. And all of this is our soul’s work.

Monthly, I meet for breakfast with other judicatories from across the metro area to reflect on the question, “How is it with your soul?” A worthy question to ponder as we reflect on our own faith journeys, and on how where we are encountering the Holy in our lives.

And so I ask you, as well: How can you take the time to nurture your understanding of yourself and of your spiritual journey? How do you embody and seek the Holy? How is it with your soul?

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