Sharing ideas from the 156th Annual ECMN Convention

10031027965_0bc85352a9_oThank you, Episcopal Church in Minnesota, for a great Convention!

In my blog last week, I wrote the following:

My sincere hope is that at some point during our convention every person in attendance thinks: “That was great!” Or: “That was important,” or: “I never knew that.” And then subsequently feels compelled to share this new idea with others.

And that is still my hope this week…

I hope folks share the fact that ECMN is financially sound, our pooled investments are doing great, our Constitution and Canons are getting closer to reflecting our present reality, and that a number of stellar people stepped forward for leadership in our elected bodies and the larger Church.

Or maybe, they will share the passionate and poignant sermon that Bishop Ahren’s preached. She reminded us that every child is a child of God — and that we are all called to use our gifts make sure that they are free from violence and have access to housing, food, education, and health care. Potentially, folks will choose to expand on her words as echoed by the urgent needs articulated by the Children’s Defense Fund, or one of the speakers in a breakout session.

Then again, people may choose to share with you the great success of Mission Project 2013 — which raised more than $60,000 for the Mama Ada Foundation for seeds and scholarships. Or perhaps they will tell you about Mission Opportunity 2014 and our focus on All God’s Children — and the encouragement that every faith community work to better the lives of children and young people in our communities.  Hopefully, attendees will let you know of the connections they made with the more than 30 community agencies and organizations that were a part of the Community Engagement Fair.

I’m absolutely certain folks will share how wonderful the music was, and how great it was to have so many children, youth and young adults in our midst — particularly leading our worship!

I also concluded last week’s blog with the following: For it is in our sharing that the Holy Spirit moves in our midst. I do hope those who attended our convention do feel moved to share their experience. The movement of the Holy Spirit was and is clearly in our midst, calling us all to engage God’s mission by using our gifts to meet the world’s needs in our neighborhoods and communities, specifically for all of God’s children.

I invite and encourage you to get involved. To make a difference in the life of even one child can truly change the world.

(PS to see photos from this year’s convention, please visit our flickr page.)

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