A Spirit of Sharing at This Year’s Annual Convention

I love great food. I love great performances. I love great places. I love sharing them all with folks. Every time I have an outstanding meal, watch an engaging movie or play, hear wonderful music, or travel to an incredible location, I can’t wait to tell my family and friends.


Likewise, I’m always inquiring from those around me: “What’s your favorite restaurant?” “Seen any good movies?” or, “Do you have any travel plans?”

When we’ve experienced something that has been at a minimum enjoyable — but potentially transformative — how can you not share it with others?

That is my hope for our upcoming Annual Convention this weekend! My sincere hope is that at some point during our convention every person in attendance thinks: “That was great!” Or: “That was important,” or: “I never knew that.” And then subsequently feels compelled to share this new idea with others.

We will be getting important updates on how the Episcopal Church in Minnesota is engaging God’s mission through mission, ministry and management. We will be passing resolutions and electing individuals to serve at all levels of the Church. We will also have an incredible opportunity to interact with and begin to partner with community leaders who are committed to making sure all of God’s children have what they need. And all will take place in the holy container of prayer and music.

If you are coming to Convention, I invite you to do so with a spirit of openness as to what you will be able to share with others. If you are unable to join us (and you are certainly encouraged to attend) I invite you to seek out those you know who did attend, and ask them to share their experience with you.

For it is in our sharing that the Holy Spirit moves in our midst.

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