Holy Spirit: Alive and Well

ordinationsquareThe Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota!

Last Thursday over 1000 Episcopalians gathered at Breck School’s chapel for the ordination of seventeen individuals. While the heat of the building was palpable, so was the warmth of the Spirit. Family, friends and faith communities gathered to affirm both ordinands as well as their own gifts for ministry. It was truly one for the history books, not the least of which the ordination of the first Hmong Episcopal priest –anywhere!

On Sunday morning, I gathered with the good people at St. John’s in the Wilderness White Bear Lake and young people from across ECMN for MinnEYE.  We were also blessed to participate in the baptism of the cutest little child of God.  Amidst wonderful music, loud proclamation of the Baptismal Covenant and welcoming such a sweet child to the Household of God — the Holy Spirt was ablaze!

On Monday of this week family, friends, coworkers and faith communities gathered at Trinity Excelsior to celebrate the life and ministry of Dick Barber, husband of one of our faithful priests Elaine Barber. The prayers, the music, the remembrances and the wonderful fellowship shouted that we are all one in the Spirit.

Ordinations, baptisms, life celebrations in five short days boldly proclaimed the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

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