Good Stewards of Creation

20110629_state-park_33What are the things you look forward to when summer finally arrives in Minnesota? You know — those things you yearn for in mid-April when it’s been a particularly long winter and a wet spring?

When I have asked this question at Missioner Meetings or other gatherings, most speak about their desire to be outside. Many share their craving for getting their hands in the soil of their gardens, or their feet in a boat on a lake.

Some of us find ourselves — either through work or through pleasure — outside year-round. Yet for many others, there is almost an ’emerging out of hibernation’ experience from existing primarily indoors for countless months that beckons us to the earth, air and water (oh, and campfire!).

It is undeniable that we are connected to creation. From the waters of baptism to the dust of the grave we are literally woven into the fabric of all that God has created. And as such, we bear a level of responsibility to be good stewards of creation.

The Five Mark’s of Mission developed by the Anglican Consultative Council provide a framework for us to engage God’s mission. The fifth mark speaks directly to God’s invitation to mission through our care of creation: “To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.”

As we continue to emerge and fully enjoy the abundant beauty of God’s creation that we have been so blessed with here in Minnesota, may we also take seriously our call to be good stewards of the creation that is intimately connected to who we are.

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