Engage God’s Mission at your Mission Area Gathering

Tongues of Fire Pentecost Chili Cook-off in Rushford, MN.
Tongues of Fire Pentecost Chili Cook-off in Rushford, MN.

With the South East Mission Area Gathering and Pentecost celebration this last weekend, I have wrapped up this year’s Spring visits to faith communities. During this time, we have well-surpassed 100 folks who have been confirmed, reaffirmed, or were received into the Church!

It also brings an end to the 2012-2013 program-year for Mission Area Gatherings. It has been a great year of gatherings across the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Each Mission Area is evolving more into a reflection of their distinct “neighborhood” in ECMN. The particular gifts of the faith communities and how they are using those gifts in their specific neck of the woods is truly inspiring.

At their core, Mission Area Gatherings are an opportunity for collaboration, networking, resource-sharing and celebration. As such, members of your team of missioners have shared resources, community leaders have shared needs, and best practices have been shared in a marketplace-type format.

We have gathered around the Lord’s table, in fellowship halls, in community centers, in a state park and at a chili cook-off.  We’ve engaged God’s mission through serious conversations, fun fellowship, and truly moving worship services.

I am truly grateful to the Mission Area Teams, the clergy and local leaders, and your team of missioners for their hard work and creativity.

Just as quickly as we bring this program year to a close, excitement and planning are already under way for the 2013-2014 Mission Area Gatherings across the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Fear not! There is plenty of time to join in on the planning for this upcoming year.

You can find the names and contact information for your Mission Area Team and the dates for all Mission Area Gatherings at our website. I not only invite you, but I strongly encourage you to be a part of the creative process of planning your next Mission Area Gathering.

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