“Jesus, you just were resurrected — what are you going to do now?”

DisneylandFor years it became almost iconic at the end of the Super Bowl to hear the winning answer the obviously scripted question and answer:  “Joe, you just won the Super Bowl — what are you going to do now?” And the much-expected response: “I’m going to Disneyland!”

In a moment of humorous pondering, I wonder what Jesus would have answered, had he been asked: “Jesus, you just were resurrected — what are you going to do now?”

Clearly Disneyland was not on Jesus radar screen; in fact, he was much more concerned about those who were closest to him than in celebrating.

Jesus’ post-resurrection plans seem to have been twofold. First, to bring assurance and peace to those who were clearly devastated and fearful. Second, to encourage and empower others to carry on with the Good News!

So, now that we have celebrated Jesus resurrection, what are we going to do? Like those first followers and those who witnessed the resurrection, we are called to the same. To be faithful, to live in peace and confidence with Christ’s abiding presence, and to carry on the Good News.

Granted, it is not Disneyland, but the eternal joy of Easter trumps a fun day with Mickey every time.

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