Transformation Through Engaging God’s Mission: Mission Project 2013

You can see it in how animated their faces become as they share their stories . . . they have been transformed.101_1512[1]

They have used their God-given gifts, talents, and passions to help a world in need. They have accepted God’s invitation to mission, and through engaging God’s mission, they themselves and those in need have been transformed.

This transformation has taken place in Duluth and Excelsior, on White Earth and Sub-Saharan Africa, in Minnetonka and International Falls, and throughout the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  Now the invitation is being extended to Kenya.

ECMN’s Mission Projects provide an opportunity for our faith communities to bring their gifts, talents and passions to the world’s needs. In the even years the focus is domestic: within the bounds of Minnesota, such as our Night Without Hunger last March. In the odd years our Mission Project turns its focus to the International Community, as we did with Nets For Life for Sub-Sahara Africa in 2011.

Presented at our Convention in September and launched last week, Mission Project 2013 will focus on Seeds and Scholarship in Kenya through the Mama Ada Foundation: a Minnetonka-based foundation providing seeds to farmers and scholarships to students living in Kenya’s Rift Valley. (Please see this news story about Mission Project 2013 and the Mama Ada Foundation. You can learn more about Mission Project 2013, and get a great deal of resources and information, here.)

We are truly blessed in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota to have so many opportunities both near and far to engage God’s mission — through which we are all transformed.  Thank you for your continued willingness to use your gifts for ministry to meet the world’s needs!

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