When the phone call came that I was elected the IX Bishop of Minnesota  it was Scott Crow, the President of the Standing Committee on the other end of the phone. Still trying to gain my ability to speak Bishop Jelinek was passed the phone to express his congratulations and then just as quickly to Wendy Johnson. “Okay Brian, remember we talked about that the person who gets elected would be addressing the convention – are you ready?” Right! About as ready as I would have been to scale a large building!

Wendy and folks from NE Minnesota at a social media training last week. Photo by Marta Maddy.

From that moment on Wendy has provided a consistent helpful perspective on a variety of issues. As Missioner for Communication her work has been exemplary. In her tenure she has moved the Episcopal Church in Minnesota light years ahead both with respect to communication and technology. Websites, blogs, apps, faith community technology upgrades and Episcopal Story Project have all increased our communication and, in turn, increased our connectedness.

Thus is the “hardware” that Wendy has helped shepherd. Yet as importantly  has been the “software” that she has brought to our community. Wendy, who is a self-identified youth minister, is always paying attention to the margins.  Those outside the walls of the church, those not in the mainstream, those whose voices are not always heard have been given voice by Wendy.

As many of you know, this is Wendy’s last week serving as the Missioner for Communication. Wendy will be dedicating more time with her very busy family and to pursue more freelance work.  She will be truly missed both on the team of Missioners and throughout the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. The good news is that we have already signed on to be one of Wendy’s clients!  So from Convention to other projects you we will all still have the benefit of the blessing of Wendy’s gifts!

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  1. Thanks for all your thoughtful, careful excellent work Wendy.
    You moved all manner of communications in the diocese forward.
    For this and your companionship along the way, we are grateful.
    Susan Moss

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