The Every Day Blessing of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

I was blessed again this last week to return to the mountains of North Carolina to be a part of Youth Week at Kanuga. It was a transformative week living into practicing the presence of God. In silence, song, fun and fellowship we were intentional about acknowledging and affirming the ever-present Holy in our midst.

At the core of facilitating this experience was a cadre of college age and young adults – the vast majority of whom I have been privileged to share the journey with since they were freshman in high school. With passionate hearts these young leaders tirelessly use their gifts that have been discerned for ministry as they gathering collaboratively in teams to create incredible program, worship and fun.

Such is my consistent experience every time people come together collaboratively. At the very essence of collaboration is the desire to bring forth not only the collective gifts, but the collective imagination of a group. It is the process of taking of one persons “great idea” and transforming it in to an even better outcome.

Much of what is transforming in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota presently has sprung forth from phenomenal collaboration. Our foundational document and our guiding light from the Mission Strategy Network, the moving from regions to Mission Areas, our Mission Projects, the discernment process and School For Formation and even our budget process are all examples of individuals collaborating to create the best possible outcome.

The same one week blessing I experience at Kanuga is an every day blessing I experience here in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota where I get to witness so many gifts being collaboratively used to create transformation through engaging God’s mission!

2 thoughts on “The Every Day Blessing of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota”

  1. Patrick Morley

    Indeed, collaboration has been the only way things of lasting meaning and substance have been done in the world – from communal farming to mega-corporations with billion dollar budgets. Which is not to say that individuals have not been critically influential or that ideas cannot come from a lone individual, but I think one would be hard pressed to give an example of someone’s lone idea, no matter how brilliant, that survived and came to fruition without collaboration with others and their ideas. My sense of it is that Jesus would be the first to say that even as God makes all things possible without the slightest human input, it is us humans, in community and collaboration with each other that fulfill God’s will and love for us. I, for one, am hopeful and optimistic about our own collaborations here in the Episcopal Church of Minnesota in the coming years as we grow into a bonafide network of God’s love.

  2. Angela Cortinas

    Great to see and talk to you at Kanuga! You are doing great things in Minnesota and beyond! Thanks.

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