The world needs each and every one of us in mission

They have been raising money for months. The long list of logistics is quickly shortened as items are crossed off. Oh, and how the enthusiasm is mounting!

There is nothing like a mission trip with your fellow youth group members!

In short order, young people from across the Episcopal Church in Minnesota will be traveling near and far to engage in God’s mission.  They will paint, dig, build, teach among 100 other tasks and chores from Guatemala to White Earth.

The fundamental question that I believe is imperative to ask is why?  Why should young people go on mission trips?  If it is for the youth to have a new adventure, meet some new people, bond as a group, help some folks out?  That’s okay. But those are all by-products.

Why should young people go on mission trips?  Because the world needs them. Because they have been gifts for ministry. Because God is inviting us to engage in mission with God. And when that happens, when our gifts and the world’s needs come together not only is God’s mission engaged but transformation takes place!

The great thing is that it’s not just for young people and it’s not just mission trips. This applies to all of us every day.  We are called to bring the gifts we have been given for ministry to the  world’s needs.  Each and every one of us is invited every day to engage God’s mission.

May God richly bless our young people and each of us on our journey this day.

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  1. Question:
    Is anyone from this diocese planning to attend the reception on July 4, 2012 in Indianapolis for those interested in U.S. Government Policy?
    Van Lawrence

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