Companions along the way

This next week I have the good fortune of attending one of my favorite niece’s (okay all of my nieces are my favorite) graduation from high school

As long as I can remember, every time we are together, my niece Cassidy and I go for a walk. Through the years we have had some incredible conversations.  She is a bright, articulate, open, loving person. It has truly been a blessing to literally and figuratively walk with her and my hope is that I will be able to continue to do so in the next chapters of her life.

Alison Feigh, who gave our Episcopal Story Project talk a couple weeks ago, is the program coordinator for the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.  She talked about how important it is that every young person have five adults besides their parents in their life. If you have not watched it I would really encourage you to do so, especially if you have children at home. (Watch this video now.)

As a person who has worked with young people, and for me personally,  I know how critical it is for all of us to to have mentors to walk with us.

We all need help of companions to be a part of our journeys. If you’ve not volunteered to help with your faith community’s youth ministry program, been a confirmation companion, or volunteered at a local school, please consider doing so.  Your life will be changed and the young person you walk with will undoubtedly benefit from your love and support

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  1. Francis Watson

    Just to let you know that my church, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Tallahassee, FL also has a sister Episcopal church in Cuba. Our Rector, The Rev. David Killeen, and a group has just returned from a spring 2012 mission trip there, and another group of adult and kids will be going on another mission trip to Cuba in a few more months. Glad to hear your church is also involved in Cuba. A Google search to the above will also get you to a newsletter detailing the recent mission trip, written by Father David Killeen.

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