Supporting each other in our life in Christ

As I came around the corner my attention was immediately drawn to the front  lawn of St. Mark’s Cathedral. On this beautiful spring Saturday the place was filled with those who had come to affirm their faith and those who would loudly proclaim “we will” in supporting them in this affirmation.

Walking through the gathered crowd both inside and outside of St. Mark’s, my own enthusiasm was exponentially magnified by excitement and anticipation for that which was about to take place.

Photo taken after more than 70 were confirmed at St. Mark’s Cathedral

One by one faith communities from throughout the metro and beyond came forward to lay hands and pray with me that the Holy Spirit would strengthen and empower those they have walked with in their faith journey. (Listen to the audio from my sermon.)

Within the next couple of weeks I will have prayed that prayer well over 100 times in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota! Each, a uniquely created and gifted child of God, is a privilege and humbling honor for me to participate as their Bishop in this moment of affirmation.

I am also always  acutely aware that leading up to this moment there have been a significant number of people who have walked with them on this journey. Parents, other family members, clergy, youth ministers, mentors, shepherds, companions, peers and friends have all played a role.

Three and a half hours later as I am driving away from this Spirit-filled event I find myself,  as I often do after such an occasion, still praying for those who have gathered…prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of hopefulness,  prayers that WE WILL do all in our power to support each other in our life in Christ.

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