The experience of sacrificial giving

I could see it in their bewildered and quizzical faces.  They wondered if it was really something they could do.  My simple suggestion was, “Pack light, don’t  worry about fashion,  and be prepared to leave behind as much as you can.”

The audience was a group of 20 plus students from Breck School that, in a couple of weeks, I will have the blessing of accompanying to Cuba.  This is the Bato Bato marimba group that we had the pleasure of listening to at our last Convention.

The purpose of the trip is three fold:

  1. to experience the Cuban culture – including the religious component,
  2. to  learn from and play with local musicians, and
  3. to give back something for the opportunity to be there.

As such, their bags will be packed with clothing, toiletries and even musical instruments that they plan on giving to the Cuban people. My sense is that this expression of sharing will not only assist the Cubans but also help our young people experience sacrificial giving.

As we begin our Lenten journey this Ash Wednesday it may  be a good time for us to look and see what is in our bags.

What is it we are willing to not only let go of, but also what we might have to  share with another? 

Hear it described beautifully, poetically, in the words from the song Circle of Love by Fran McKendree:

Food for the soul, shoes for the feet,
a coat for the driving rain;
these things we need and not much more,
maybe a place to unload some pain.

When the storm blows over and you’re digging out,
pick carefully among the remains;
untangled within, now the journey begins,
calling you to start, from a place of the heart… 

Calling you to take what’s inside, carry it outside this circle of love,
Calling you to take what’s inside, carry it outside this circle of love.

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