Scripture begets Mission begets Justice

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
from Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King, Jr  is arguably the greatest civil rights leader of modern history. With this said,  I would suggest to you he was first and foremost a person of faith.

Steeped in scripture in the Baptist tradition as you listen and read Dr King’s words it is unquestionable that he was not only deeply grounded in scripture but unequivocally  compelled to respond.

We also are a people steeped  in scripture.  As is clear in our Baptismal Covenant, grounded in scripture, we, too, are compelled to respond.

It is not only critical,  but theologically foundational  to understand that it is out of our scriptural grounding  that we are called  into God’s mission to bring forth an end to all injustice: Scripture begets Mission begets Justice.

As you read this quote from Andrea Walker writing about Dr. King it is clear in my opinion what he embodied: Scripture – Mission – Justice.

“His technique was known as a non-violent resistance, using love, prayer, and speech as direct action against physical violence. King taught love instead of hate, kindness instead of aggression. The act of nonviolent resistance displayed the protester’s courageous will to bring peace and dignity to the nation.”

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