One championship team

For the faithful friends on Facebook you saw that I recently posted a picture taken of Lady Scotties after we won the Freeman’s Christmas Tournament.

It was a blessing once again to coach these young women, many I have known since kindergarten.

My court time with these player is obviously limited now with months passing between time on the hardwood. This actually has provided me with a unique perspective on both individual and team improvement.

A couple of days later I was at a holiday party and I was once again asked the question, “So what’s the secret to the success of the Lady Scotties?” There is no secret. There are, however, fundamental principles that I think clearly drives the success we have enjoyed for close to 10 years.

Top of the list is sacrificial team work. In a day and age that glorifies individual accomplishments and diminishes the entire enterprise that enables successes, these young women buck the trend. In the DNA of the Lady Scotties – is just that. They are first and foremost a Lady Scottie – a member of the team.

This is clearly manifested every time they step on the court. No one dribbles the ball down court and shoots unless it is absolutely the best shot for the team. Instinctually they will always look to their team mates to see if they have a better shot or to set a screen for them do they do. Likewise on defense they are constantly talking and assisting each other. No stars, no heroes – one championship team.

It all applies to us as followers of Jesus. I often think about the calling of the early disciples. Each brought particular gifts and experience that assisted Jesus in the large goal of calling forth the Kingdom of God. When they did have their moments of, “who is the greatest” Jesus quickly squelched that.

We are called to the same. Do we live our lives both within the context of our faith communities and in the larger world focused on our individual perspective? Or are we willing to be sacrificial team members willing to focus on the larger calling of “thy will” rather than “my will.”

A worthy goal for all of us as we begin this new year.

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  1. Wow, a bishop who knows basketball! We like your kind in Indiana!

    This I don’t understand: “My court time with these players is obviously limited now with months passing between time on the hardwood.” This isn’t obvious to me. It’s January; when does your season run?

    Josh Thomas

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