This holy night

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…

It’s late, I am exhausted, but still aglow with the holiness of the evening. Angels and acolytes, parents and pageants, family from afar and friends that have not been seen since Easter.

It’s very quiet now. Gone are the kids and the choir, the bells and the trumpets, the prayers and the praising – all ushered off to Silent night…and it is.

It is mostly dark now. Only the glow of a fully lit Advent wreath and the Christmas lights that wrap the greens continue to shine brightly.

It has been a holy night – it is a holy night…there is absolutely nothing like it.

T’was the night before Christmas and all through God’s house…blessings abound!

May the holiness of Christmas fill you and all those you love.

2 thoughts on “This holy night”

  1. Hi Brian!
    Beautiful and simple. I miss your down to earth writing. I always remember the piece about finding your car brushed of snow one cold Spokane Christmas Eve. There is a book in all this someday.

    Pat Munts, Spokane

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