The many blessings of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Greater Minnesota….is, well, GREAT!  And what a blessing!

For the last couple of weeks, I have driven a few thousand miles across both northern and southern Minnesota. I have been able to spend time on Reservations and in multiple small towns. And it has been a blessing!

Along the way we have had baptisms, confirmations, commissioning, ordinations and a whole lot of conversations…and of course hot dish! And it has been a blessing!

Throughout my journey, my personal experiences and my more official experiences of serving as the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota have affirmed some things.

First, although often small in numbers, our Episcopal Church folk are huge when it comes to serving their local communities. Time and time again our faith communities are the largest contributors to the local food banks, school assistance programs, and caring for folks on the margins. As well, almost to a place, our congregations are clearly identified as warm welcoming places to all of God’s children. And it is a blessing!

Then there is inside the walls of the church. There is always a wonderful mixture of deep history and familia community.  Everyone not only knows, but also shares in each other’s stories and families. The fact is, I often cannot pick out who is actually the grandparent, aunt or uncle or even sibling. Yet, amidst both history and family there is an intentional openness and desire to include and “adopt” others into the fold. And it continues to be a blessing!

We are truly blessed in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota to have so many great faith communities throughout the state.  May we continue to give thanks and mutual support as we engage God’s mission together.

2 thoughts on “The many blessings of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota”

  1. Thanks for your visit to Holy Communion St Peter. It’s really great to feel that our bishop really values and respects outstate faith communities like ours.

  2. Brian:
    Thanks for your comments about Greater Minnesota, although it makes me — as a lifelong metro area resident — feel like I might be from lesser Minnesota.

    I know from well established state economic data that the metro area taxpayers send far more of their dollars to Greater Minnesota than Greater Minnesotan taxpayers send to St. Paul. My guess is that metro Episcopal parishes send far more resources outside of the metro than come in from Greater Minnesota to them. Is that true? If so, how should we as Episcopalians understand, defend and reconcile this?

    Tom Moss
    La Mision El Santo Nino Jesus

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